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Employee Retention Issues in Workplaces Employee retention in workplaces remains one of the main issues human resource managers are dealing with for decades. That is why, in 2016, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that 46\% of HR managers deem employee turnover as their top concern (Lee et al., 2018). Therefore, many programs have been experimented to improve employees turnover in workplaces. This situation is also common in the healthcare system. This situation has brought many harmful consequences to workplaces. The lack of experienced workers and the increase in the cost of human resources in new employees orientation are the main issues that workplaces are dealing with regarding employee turnover. That is why it is understandable that the issue presented in chapter 60 of the textbook refers to programs that may help retain health care professionals in workplaces. The main issues that make up the authors concern are reducing employee turnover in healthcare workplaces and retaining nurses in those settings. Their approaches were trying to find some loyalty programs that may help experienced nurses and new nurses. The finding was not easy since a program that may work for new nurses may not impact professional nurses interest. For instance, a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has shown that young nurses from 33 years old or younger do not plan to stay in workplaces and are determined to have their own business (Sellers et al., 2020). That is proof that policies that address the interest of experienced nurses may not influence younger nurses. One focus of professional nurses is a healthy workplace. If the environment does not protect employees, experienced nurses may leave their workplaces and look for a better one. This health protection may include better health insurance provided by the workplace.  The student believes that those issues persist in workplaces today. Many reasons make her understand that workplaces are still suffering from this persistent situation. If we analyze the causes, one should admit that young nurses are dealing with issues like the need to feel part of an organization that will help them grow professionally. They also have concerns about their childcare system. However, they share with the experimented nurses the need for the management to value them. Those are current issues that the healthcare workplaces are dealing with. As good responses to those issues, the enforcing of the emerging nurse leader program and the magnet recognition program may bring solutions that meet nurses interest in the current healthcare workplaces We can make a difference in participating in nurses organizations that provide ideas to help sustain the healthcare system with experienced and educated nurses. That will help solve the issues related to nurses turnover in workplaces that will positively impact the patient outcome. References Lee, T. et al. (2018). Managing Employees Retention and Turnover with 21st Century Ideas. Retrieved from\%20MY\%20Pre-Reading\%20Articles/Journal4.pdf (Links to an external site.) Sellers, K. et al. (2020). Using Public Health Workforce Surveillance Data to Prioritize Retention Efforts for Younger Staff. Retrieved from
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