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This task provides an opportunity to design a workplace mentoring program relevant to the student’s professional context (OR evaluate an existing workplace mentoring program making recommendations for improvement) and reflect on the peer mentoring experience and implications for their program/evaluation design and professional practice. This task comprises a report and a (compulsory, but not graded) peer presentation. everything need to relating assessment 1  Length: 3000 wordsAssessment Task 2: Mentoring in the Workplace – Support Document Assessment Details Objective(s): a, b, c, d and e Weight: 60\% Length: 3000 words Due: Sunday 1st November 2020, 11.59pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) through UTS Canvas Task: This task provides an opportunity to design a workplace mentoring program relevant to the student’s professional context (OR evaluate an existing workplace mentoring program making recommendations for improvement) and reflect on the peer mentoring experience and implications for their program/evaluation design and professional practice. This task comprises a report and a (compulsory, but not graded) peer presentation. Assessment Criteria Your assessment will be graded against the following criteria. Criteria Weighting Relevance and appropriateness of mentoring program design/evaluation to the professional context 30\% Relevance and criticality of analysis of literature used to support program design/ evaluation 30\% Extent of identification of implementation issues 20\% Depth of reflection on peer mentoring experience and implications for program/evaluation design and professional practice 10\% Clarity of expression and logical structuring of argument 10\% A marking rubric will be available on Canvas. Your Workplace Context Your ‘Workplace’ context in Assessment 2 should be the same as Assessment 1. If you want to change contexts for Assessment 2, please discuss this with your Lecturer first. COMPONENT A: Peer Presentation This task is compulsory, but not graded. It is intended to help you get formative feedback on your mentoring program design/evaluation. Students will create a short video/online presentation (no more than 5 minutes) of their mentoring program design/evaluation to post on UTS Canvas for feedback. Once having posted their video, they will provide feedback to at least 2 other students as part of the peer review process for Assessment 2. Dates: • Post presentation: 21-27 September • Comment on your peers presentations: 28 September - 2 October Further instructions are available in Canvas in the “Peer Presentation” module. COMPONENT B: Report In addition to an introduction and conclusion (approx 10\% or 300 words), there are four key parts to this assessment: 1. An outline of the mentoring program design OR details of the evaluation plan of the mentoring program and recommendations for improvement (30\% - approx. 900 words). 2. Critically link to and analyse relevant literature to support your program design/evaluation (30\% - approx. 900 words). 3. Identify key issues in implementing the mentoring program in your professional context (20\% - approx. 600 words). 4. Reflect on your peer mentoring experience and implications for program/evaluation design and professional practice (10\% - approx. 300 words). These word counts are only suggestions to give you an idea of where to concentrate yAssessment 1 Designing a Mentoring Program Introduction Mentorship can be defined as the relationship that exists between two individuals with both professional and personal goals. A mentor is an individual that shares with an individual with less experience and knowledge of their experiences (Astrove & Kraimer, 2020). Also, mentors provide guidance, emotional support, and motivation to those that they are mentoring. Mentees, on the other hand, are the individuals that are benefiting from the experience and the guidance of mentors. Mentoring is highly encouraged as it is one of the ways that knowledge, information, and experience trickles down from the most experienced to individuals that have no experience. Designing a mentoring program Working as a marketer I go the opportunity to experience both effective and non-effective mentoring. As a marketer, I was fortunate enough to have a good mentor. My previous supervisor doubled up as my mentor. From my interaction with him, I identified four aspects that are critical for a mentoring program. The four aspects must be thoroughly considered in the designing of a mentoring program. The first aspect is that a good mentoring program must be inclusive. For a mentoring program to be inclusive, the mentees must first be identified. Secondly, the goal of the mentorship program must be established (Pereyda, 2020). In the designing of a mentorship program for marketers, every person that is not experienced in the field should be categorized as a mentee. The mentees should include interns and junior officers in the marketing department. The two categories of people have been identified specifically for two main reasons. The first reason is that they lack experience in the industry. The second reason is that they are not as knowledgable of the marketing industry as their superiors. In the majority of organizations, mentoring programs are set up for high achieving junior employees. By advocating for inclusivity, an organization plans to have all its junior members participate in a mentoring program. Through inclusivity, organizations are more likely to have more experienced and knowledgable junior employees. The second aspect of a good mentoring program is that it is mentor-mentee oriented. In the majority of organizations, mentoring programs are tracking and ROI focused which should not be the case (Schulleri, 2020). In my last role as a marketer, I witnessed how effective a mentor-mentee oriented program is in comparison to a mentoring program that is focused on ROI. A mentor-mentee oriented program focuses on the building of good and meaningful relationships between mentors and mentees. The focus of the program is not only on the professional development of mentees but also on the personal development of mentees. A mentor-mentee oriented mentoring program for a marketing department focuses on the growth of the mentors and the mentees. Through mentoring the mentees, mentors get to learn and cement their k
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Sometimes it will be refreshers and others it is something new My brainstorming processes has been really challenged so far in this class. Having to research bias has been hard because I picked a very broad topic that could go so many different ways. I still have not been successful in my strategies for brainstorming There are two narratives After you have completed your chart In addition Optics Guidelines and Rubric Overview There are three major projects within this course that follow the same storyline. In this first project Describe a social The other competency that I gained was gaining vital skills required to analyze internal controls and regulations that an organization is required to abide by in the course of doing business. The competency was importance for me to know how an organizatio Submit your activity as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing Ted Short 2. The department secretary first examines the requisition to see if all needed information is present. If it is The commands generated by the Linear Regression dialog use the lm (linear model) function in R to fit the model Using the templates on this page I 5) Remember that this is a classroom exercise with limited time and resources.  With limited market data to draw upon Based on your response to Topic 4 DQ 1 Note that all the claims in your program plan presentation should be evidence based. Your citations should be from your independent search for evidence (not from the scenario Write a 1 In addition to citing your week 2 market research For example When I began as surgical unit manager When teaching English language arts to students with mild to moderate disabilities HR Management of Dr. Anthony Fauci