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Read through the presentation and answer the following question with 400 words What were the discussion leaders’ main ideas? (Identify at least 2)Digital 2-Step Flow Caroline Gibbon Jenny Lee Kevin Condy Lauren Gan Will Stephenson Central Ideas ➔ Katz’s two-step flow model introduces a more social understanding of how thoughts and opinions spread. ➔ Media and social networks enable the spread of ideas. Essential Questions: ➔ In what ways does Katz’s model from the pre-internet era resemble modern media? ➔ Does it still have relevance as a theory? If so, how? Defining Two-Step Flow and Keywords Essential Question Exploration Case Studies Discussion and Takeaways Presentation Roadmap Research Summaries Limited Effects Theory Theorized that media does not have as large effect as we may perceive. Media holds little power over the influence between individuals, rather, media’s little effect on opinion making is because individuals and groups are so different. Highlighted the psychological or perception manipulation of media. 3 key groups in the dispersion of information: 1. Gatekeepers a. Screen media messages and spread information that align with others’ shared views 2. Opinion leaders a. Come from the give-and-take of information in everyday conversation b. Synthesizes relevant information to pass on to followers 3. Opinion followers a. Influenced by opinion leaders Direct propaganda is more likely spread through social circles (ex: family, colleagues, friends, etc.), where as isolated communities are more likely to be directly influenced by media. Paul Lazarsfeld - 1940s to 1960s Two-Step Flow vs. One-Step Flow One-step flow or Hypodermic Needle theory ➔ It is a communication process in which the mass media communicates directly to the mass audience, without the message being filtered by Opinion Leaders. ◆ More likely to reinforce latent opinions than to reframe them ➔ It allows for precise targeting of audience members ➔ It reflects both a transformation in communication technologies and fundamental changes in the relations between individuals and society. ◆ Individuals not only are receivers of information, but also are producers and distributors. ➔ The mass media in the one-step flow are more fragmented and differentiated ◆ Conventional mass media reach smaller audiences, while niche media attract increasing numbers, making it harder to send effective generalized messages, but easier to target messages to increasingly specific publics. ◆ Through these targeted messages, the audience only gets influenced by the mass media and not by other factors, so they are not exposed to or aware of other translations or perceptions of the message. Lazarsfeld and Katz argued against this theory, as they recognize that media influences are limited by an individual’s differences, psychology, and social influences. They proposed the two-step flow theory as a way to explain the varying effects media has on their audiences. The hypothesis of the two-step flow challenged the one-step flow, or hypodermic needle theory
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Sometimes it will be refreshers and others it is something new My brainstorming processes has been really challenged so far in this class. Having to research bias has been hard because I picked a very broad topic that could go so many different ways. I still have not been successful in my strategies for brainstorming There are two narratives After you have completed your chart In addition Optics Guidelines and Rubric Overview There are three major projects within this course that follow the same storyline. In this first project Describe a social The other competency that I gained was gaining vital skills required to analyze internal controls and regulations that an organization is required to abide by in the course of doing business. The competency was importance for me to know how an organizatio Submit your activity as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing Ted Short 2. The department secretary first examines the requisition to see if all needed information is present. If it is The commands generated by the Linear Regression dialog use the lm (linear model) function in R to fit the model Using the templates on this page I 5) Remember that this is a classroom exercise with limited time and resources.  With limited market data to draw upon Based on your response to Topic 4 DQ 1 Note that all the claims in your program plan presentation should be evidence based. Your citations should be from your independent search for evidence (not from the scenario Write a 1 In addition to citing your week 2 market research For example When I began as surgical unit manager When teaching English language arts to students with mild to moderate disabilities HR Management of Dr. Anthony Fauci