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create a risk management plan. I have attached the example, and the template. I have also attached the project it has to be done on.Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2 Interactive Voice Response LaShanda Lewis Webster University 30 Sept 20 PROJECT TOPIC: Establishment of Cloud-based Interactive Voice Response Introduction In the recent past, many businesses have adopted technology in their business processes to enable them to attain efficiency that will contribute to these businesses competitive advantages against their industry rivals. One way through which companies have attained efficiency in their business processes is through the use of cloud computing. The provision of computing services virtually through an internet-based cloud helps the company be flexible and creates reliability for such companies. An Interactive Voice Response is a customer service technology that enables the apt answering of customers frequently asked questions throughout the day and night and transfers call to available agents where there is a need for a detailed explanation. A cloud-based IVR system is one that relies on virtualization techniques like server virtualization. This system is projected to have numerous advantages for the company. As such, conclusions from the last executive meeting tasked the IT team with the responsibility of setting up a cloud-based IVR system in the company. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Purpose The purpose of this project is to introduce an automated interactive voice response over the cloud. This project will ensure that customer service needs are taken care of without draining the team. With the implementation of this project, the customer services team will be left with more time to work on other essential customer relations management, thus improving the workforces productivity. This project also covers the training of all the teams on the operation of the IVR system. Measurable Objectives and Related Success Criteria This project aims to develop an automated customer interaction system to improve the efficiency of customer services in the company. The success of this project will be measured in two ways. First, the improved customer satisfaction levels with the company will be evaluated. High levels of customer satisfaction will mean that the project is successful. Second, the project will be measured on the efficacy of its use by the customer relations and marketing teams. Because the project deliverables entail training of the staff, effective use will determine this projects success. High-level requirements This project requires the infrastructure needed to set up the IVR system. Besides, we need cloud service provision with desktop virtualization, server virtualization, and a hypervisor with a complete database and nodes. High-level project description, boundaries, and critical variables This project is an establishment of a cloud-based IVR system. The project requires cloud servers and databases that will contain all customized information about the company. Most of the information will in[Company] [Company Address] Tel: Fax: [Company Phone] [Company Fax] [Company E-mail] December 18, 2013 [Ref. number] Marc Arnecke, PMP [Project Name] [Sub-Project, phase, etc.] Project Risk Management Plan The project risk management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how risk management activities will be structured and performed. Revisions and Distribution Revision Release date Distributed to* Client Consultant JV Main office(s) All project mgmt. dept. Sub-contractors Suppliers Rev. 0 (draft) 29/10/2013 *) Detailed distribution lists shall be prepared for each distribution event. Further details as per the project communication plan Amendments The Project Risk Management Plan from time to time may require updates. Any amendment to this plan shall be informed to the change control board by use of the change request form and approved by the project change control board prior to distribution. Only revised parts of the plan will be distributed along with the approval and shall be accompanied by instructions how to implement the changes. The initial page numbering system (to be added upon initial approval) will be a normal continuous numbering displayed in the lower right corner of each page. In the event that pages have to be added, characters shall be added to the number. In case entire pages are deleted, the corresponding page shall be replaced by a blank page stating “page removed”. Each added/changed page shall have the revision number and date of approval displayed on the bottom of the page. Project Sponsor Approval Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by Proj. Sponsor: Place, dd/mm/yyyy Place, dd/mm/yyyy Place, dd/mm/yyyy Marc Arnecke, PMP Designation Name Designation Name Designation Table of Contents Revisions and Distribution Amendments Project Sponsor Approval Risk Management Approach 1 Methodology 2 Roles and Responsibilities 3 Budgeting 4 Timing 5 Risk Categories 6 Risk Probability and Impact 7 Definition 7 Probability and Impact Matrix 7 Stakeholder Tolerances 8 Reporting Formats 9 Tracking 10 Attachments: 11 This template is downloaded from This template is downloaded from [Project Name] Project Risk Management Plan Marc Arnecke, PMP [Ref. number] IV Risk Management Approach Explain the processes how risk management will be conducted. Methodology Def
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Sometimes it will be refreshers and others it is something new My brainstorming processes has been really challenged so far in this class. Having to research bias has been hard because I picked a very broad topic that could go so many different ways. I still have not been successful in my strategies for brainstorming There are two narratives After you have completed your chart In addition Optics Guidelines and Rubric Overview There are three major projects within this course that follow the same storyline. In this first project Describe a social The other competency that I gained was gaining vital skills required to analyze internal controls and regulations that an organization is required to abide by in the course of doing business. The competency was importance for me to know how an organizatio Submit your activity as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing Ted Short 2. The department secretary first examines the requisition to see if all needed information is present. If it is The commands generated by the Linear Regression dialog use the lm (linear model) function in R to fit the model Using the templates on this page I 5) Remember that this is a classroom exercise with limited time and resources.  With limited market data to draw upon Based on your response to Topic 4 DQ 1 Note that all the claims in your program plan presentation should be evidence based. Your citations should be from your independent search for evidence (not from the scenario Write a 1 In addition to citing your week 2 market research For example When I began as surgical unit manager When teaching English language arts to students with mild to moderate disabilities HR Management of Dr. Anthony Fauci